Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Where Does the Time Go?

We apologize for being MIA on the blog lately. 

Here's a short, list summary of the last few weeks:

Lame horse, shoes, moved to new stall, leg injury, healing, no riding, wondering if he should go up north.  Rowan sleeping bad, all of a sudden, awake ever hour at night, teething? night terrors? sleep association? rock him? soothe him? let him cry? who knows.  Sick. TIRED.  Audit at work, late nights, messy house, no extra time for baby fun, animals, house, us.

On the more fun side, Rowan started eating Rice Cereal!  A week ago we tried it, and he rejected it, but this week he's into it.  He's eating {milk} like a champ, and I can't keep up, so it's about half BM/half Formula these days. And as we get closer to 6 mos, we'll ramp up the solids!  FUN FUN!

We're trying to figure out what major project we're doing next on the house.  It's a tough call between painting the exterior {by the way, THANK YOU! for all of your votes on the color.  We think we know which one we're going with.  And since we know you love surprises, you'll just have to sit tight for a little bit to see what we end up doing}, or landscaping/new driveway. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Daycare Guilt Switcharoo

It wasn't that long ago that I was really stressing over having to go back to work and send our little cub to daycare.  I felt like I should have tried harder to find a way to stay at home, because not only is that what I wanted, but that's best for the baby, right?

I struggled with it, but ultimately, my income is too important to the stability of our finances {and our lifestyle} to give up, so I did what I thought I wouldn't.  I bit the bullet, and went back to work.

Even during the first week, I was relieved to find that Rowan really took well to daycare.  And now, I see him thriving there.  He's surrounded by older infants, that spark his interest in learning to do new things.  He has a plethora {that was for you, RogĂ©r} of toys, and colors, and books, and songs at his fingertips, as well as his toe-tips!  No matter how cranky and fussy he is in the morning, the minute we walk into that room, his demeaner changes to a happy, curious little fellow.  He LOVES it. 

So now I'm faced with a different guilt.  One that I never expected.  I'm still trying to find a way to stay at home, because, like I said before, I want to.  But now, I feel totally selfish. Now I can see that me staying at home is not necessarily what's best for Rowan.  If I stay home {and lose half of our income}, I'd be depriving him of this new and amazing world that he is always so happy to be in. 

Now, if a stay-at-home opportunity arrises, I want to make sure we would still have enough dollar-dollar bills to let Cubbie go to "school" a couple days a week.

Funny how we find ways to make things more complicated!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Some Blog Love - Hyperbole and a Half

A friend of ours forwarded a Hyperbole and a Half  blog post to me one day. 
Since then, I have nothing but LOVE for this blog.

Why? Because her dog stories are THE BEST! Her witty writing and funky illustrations totally embody dog life.  Click any of the links to check it out {not that she needs any new million views (or so) a month??! no wonder she doesn't have to "work" anymore}

Image Credit: Hyperbole and a Half; 

It makes me wish I was creative enough to come up with something like this for Domino.  But I'll leave the fun of making cartoon dogs to Allie, while I enjoy reading and sympathizing.
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