Welcome to Our House

We waited for years to have our own home.

A place where we can paint the walls, plant a garden, let our dog run around without worry, and a place where we weren't shelling out money to a landlord each month.

Of course, homeownership turned out to be a bigger job than we expected.

We bought this little house in a nice neighborhood in San Jose, CA. It's not a cheap area {not even somewhat reasonable}, and what we could afford {barely} was a real fixer-upper. We figured we were up to the challenge.

Our Little House in the City

It's been a mixed bag of fun, learning, re-work, mishaps, cans of worms, and reward. Of course all our projects move along very slowly since we've been either, on our honeymoon, pregnant, or with a newborn {and now both!} since we bought this house.

But we're plugging away at things a little at a time.

You can find various house updates throughout the blog, but here are a few peeks at what we've been up to.


 New DIY Kitchen ...Still in progress, but almost done!

 New, Widened, Stamped Concrete Driveway

New Energy Efficient Windows

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