Meet Us

Hi, I’m Sarah

I suffer from Wonder Woman Idealization.  I think I should be perfectly capable of achieving and managing a challenging career, a growing family, a perfect white picket fence home, a fun and active lifestyle, and a small zoo.  You might say I’m a little over-ambitious.  But I’m also hard working and determined.  I bite off more than I can chew and I don’t regret it.  I love my life and I'm truly grateful for everything that I have.

My husband, Rogér, is right there holding my hand as we jump in over our heads, although he’s more practical about it than me, probably because he ends up doing a lot of the dirty work ;p  Luckily, he’s super handy, patient, and smart.  He’s a natural at almost EVERYTHING, including parenting.  I think he’s arguably the best dad in the whole world.

We met at Cal Poly, SLO, where we both studied Engineering.  Since graduating, we moved to the Bay Area, began our careers, adopted a parrot, a dog, and a horse, {which we collectively refer to as The Animals}, got married, and bought a {fixer-upper} house in a suburban neighborhood.  Almost a year ago, we welcomed a baby boy into our family, and now we’re expecting another!

Together, we’re in charge of this circus, or at least we like to think we are.  The Animals might disagree, and they may be right.

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