Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Great {Paint} Debate - Vote Now!

The exterior of our house really needs a fresh look.  We're planning on tackling some curb appeal tasks this summer.  Not the least of those, is a new paint scheme.  But its so hard to decide on colors!  There's plenty of cute houses in the neighborhood to draw inspiration from, but we are running the risk of being copy cats.

We have a hard time committing to colors, so I like to test them out using Microsoft Paint {yea, I'm low-tech like that}.

We've narrowed it down to two options that we like.  I set  up a poll on the left of the blog screen. Let us know what you think through our poll! 



  If you're itching to give us another color suggestion, don't hesitate.  We'd love to hear what you think would work!


  1. I like option B.. and i LOVE the red door! I have a thing for red doors.. one would look horrible on our house though =T

  2. it's kind of hard to tell, they both look green. i also like the red door but be careful with the red and green or you'll have christmas all year round.

  3. Who doesn't LOVE Christmas year round? Haha! Both color combos were actually pulled from a Behr Exterior Inspiration booklet, so I'm hoping that real deal will be fairly foolproof, but I might not have gotten an exact color match in Paint.

  4. I love the new blog layout! :-) I like A even though B is basically what we currently have!

  5. Love the blog!! Thanks for the awesome suggestion on my blog!! I saw that comforter at Target and loved it as well!! I am your newest follower!


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