Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Horse Whoas - Injury Upon Injury

Our horse, Ronin, is an accident prone young fella.  He's been out of service many a time due to ONE THING, or ANOTHER. Now that I figured out {okay, I didn't actually figure it out. Rogér showed me} how to get pictures off my phone, I can share Ronin's latest and greatest injury! 

At least a month and a half ago, Ronin started to limp on his right leg.  We gave him a little break from riding for it to heal up, but he still seemed to be having problems, so finally we saw the vet.

On the day of the vet clinic, I went to catch Ronin, and to my surprise, I found his blanket torn and is left leg all cut up, plus the left shoe missing along with a good portion of the hoof!

He was limping so bad on the left leg, that the vet couldn't even evaluate the right leg....ugh. Anyway, he tranqued and clipped up.

Then I water-massaged his leg {that pretty much means I hosed him down for 10 mins or so}.  I wish I could tranq him EVERY time I wanted to give him a bath.  He was soooo mellow.  Look at him resting his head on the cleaning station wall!
After that, he got some liquid bandage
Two weeks later, we finally were able to get a shoe on the left hoof, but just barely.  The farrier suggested using duct tape to help hold it on!  So that's what we're doing.

So glamorous!

At our third vet visit, last Saturday, the vet finally cleared Ronin for riding.  YAY!  We're keeping our fingers crossed that it stays that way for a little while!

I'm really looking forward to getting on him next week, for the first time since I was about 3 months preggo!

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