Sunday, March 27, 2011

Snow, Baby!

Last weekend, we took our long awaited snow trip.  Rogér and I are usually headed to Tahoe on a regular basis during the winter, but this year is a little different {bet you can't guess why}.  Still we wanted to take at least one snowboard trip this season.

We packed up our stuff and Rowan's stuff and hit the road with our friends Jen and Kris.  It was a pretty tight squeeze, with all our "must-haves"; bags, food & water, the stroller, the travel bed, the breast pump, blankets, plus all the usual junk I have in my car, and of course, the five of us, but we managed.

Getting  to our cabin easy-peasy; no storm, no traffic, baby sleeping. We snowboarded a half day at Sierra at Tahoe {and by "we", I mean Rogér, Jen, and Kris.  Rowan and I stayed in the lodge}.

Then the storm came in...

It wasn't much of a blizzard, but there was a LOT of snow! There were 10-12 inches for two days in a row.  We got {kinda} snowed in.  We wouldn't have been able to leave Tahoe, but we weren't ready to yet anyway. It was nice to relax in a cabin with the snow falling outside, and slowly piece together a puzzle with 30 or so missing pieces.

I mean, seriously, when was last time anyone had time to do a puzzle??

The  powder outside our cabin was enough of a snow-fix for us this year. Rowan even got to sled with his dad and build a babysitter {er, snowman}!

Don't worry. We didn't leave Rowan with the snowsitter
Rogér was standing right by Rowan
{hence the cropped left side of the photo}
He slept through most of it, but I think he liked it :)

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  1. baby jesus! haha cracks me up everytime...adorable :))


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