Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Every Three Minutes {which turns into a Costco vs Target rant, er...comparision}

In the last ten minutes, I changed Rowan's diaper 3 times!!  He's tearing through them like there's no tomorrow!  Not only is my guilty conscience setting in every time I toss another disposo in the trash bucket, but its also posing a serious threat to my wallet and my free/running errands time!

It definitely means I have to take another trip to Costco, or maybe Target - Costco in the San Jose/Santa Clara area is a veritable clusterf@#%.  A trip to Costco for dipes will turn into a full afternoon of dodging crazy cart drivers and their equally as unaware crazy cart drivers in training {aka their kids}. Seriously, it's like Costco shoppers have built in homing devices that target your cart, or maybe they think it's a game of bumper cars.  Costco should just turn it into the real deal and put rubber bumpers and flashing lights on the carts.  Then I could buy into the "fun".

Target is looking better and better as I type.  Besides, last time I bought the Target brand diapers {Up & Up}, they cost $0.15/diaper.  That's one cent cheaper, per dipe, than the Kirkland brand at Costco.  AND, at Target, I can print instant pics of my favorite little man, plus get Starbucks.

There you have it.  Target is better AND cheaper than Costco {except when it comes to tires}!

Anyway, back to the point; We really have to get back on the CD bandwagon.  After a CD workshop this weekend at Tiny Tots, I hope we'll be informed enough to make the big decision!


  1. I have not used their services, but (recently purchased by amazon) might be a hassle free alternative to the big box stores.

  2. But then what would I have to rant about?! Haha. Good point, Elliot. I think delivers really fast too. (we registered there).

  3. I tried to comment on this yesterday and it wouldn't let me!

    Sign up for amazon prime mom - free 2 day shipping! I maybe have signed up as the "primary caregiver" for a nephew of mine.. :D

  4. Oh yea! I forgot about the Amazon mom thing! Thanks!


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