Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cloth Diapers - GroVia AI2

Okay, so I know I said we made the big decision when it came to which CD system to go with.  But we all know I have a hard time committing, and besides, this is an iterative process right?

I bought some more Thirsties, as diaper covers, a few days ago.  But then I found the GroVia AI2 Hybrid.  The GroVia AI2 (all in two) is what I was looking for all along!  Can this be true? How did I miss it?

And to make my decision to buy and try even easier, has a super deal on a starter pack right now!  And I got to order online, so I can avoid those crazy Costco cart drivers!

The GroVia AI2 is a diaper cover, with a snap in insert.  BUT, you can also use the cover over prefolds or disposable inserts!  There are both hook/loop and snap closure options.  Also, the GroVia AI2 is a one size fits all, so unlike Thirsties, you {shouldn't} have to keep buying up.

I am so excited to get my GroVia diapers.  I can't wait to get them and tell y'all all how they work!

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