The Animals

Here's our zoo!

It all started on one of our frequent visits to PetCo, {we had fish at the time...but not anymore :(}.  We fell in love with a little Myers Parrot named Buddy.  With a sweet face like this, how couldn't you?

$$$ later, we brought him home.  Did we know how to care for a bird? Not in the slightest.  And the first few days were pretty rough.  Buds hid in the back corner of his cage and wouldn't come near us.   We thought we had made a huge mistake, but we were so wrong!  Soon, he was brightening our days with chatter, kisses, eyelash grooming, snuggling, and sassyness. He's been all over the place with us.  He has us wrapped around his little claw. Ultimately, he knows he's the boss.

Then came Domino, the Catahoula Leopard Dog.  The whuh?  Yeah, that's what we thought.  We meet him at the ASPCA, while, we were, you know, just looking.  Being "responsible" people, we didn't adopt him right on the spot.  No, we went home and did our research.  We found out that he was probably the coolest, most active dog on the planet, and not at all a breed suited to our small, no-cow heard, 9-5er, living situation.  We brought him home the next morning.

Aside from absolute hatred of the Postman and his inherent drive to get into EVERYTHING, he's done a good job of adjusting to city life.

As if a big cattle dog and a parrot weren't challenging enough, we added a horse to the crew.

Ronin, as we named him, was abandoned at a nearby ranch by his owner when he couldn't hack it as a race horse. The men who ran the ranch couldn't afford to keep him either, so they offered him to us for free. Seeing him in the condition he was in, we couldn't say no, so we took him home. No vet check, no papers, no transfer of ownership, no trial riding, nothing. 

Turns out, he's either the most willing horse in the world, or he's extremely grateful, because he's the best animal we could ask for.  Despite a few oddities, he's a real gem.

Our lifestyle has really changed since taking on all these "pets".  They're challenging and demand responsible ownership.

For now, we're not expanding.  But I really really want another dog....until I remember how much it cost to board them when we travel.

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