Saturday, January 12, 2013

Dear Two Year Old Rowan

Dear {2 yr old} Rowan,

It's been a while since I had the mindspace to sit down and write all the things going on.  It breaks my heart to admit that I can't concentrate enough recall quite a bit of the last 6 months.  It's been a whirlwind.  In many ways, a good whirlwind.  In other ways, challenging.

You're keeping up with the "Growing Up" schedule. You spew new words all the time.  Among our favorites, are "Pack Pack" {backpack}, Preese {Please}, Yosss {yes}, although we will always miss your phase of "Si".  But most of your words, and sentences...yes, sentences, sound so accurate that they're not really cute. They're just amazing....and also kind of weird...I mean, since when are you a real little person that can participate in conversation?!

You are still a little helper.  Taking any opportunity to feed Domino {still "No No"}, sweep the floors, clean the windows, vacuum, wipe your placemat, shake Cid's bottles, put things "away!"  And you love to follow Grandma around helping with her farm chores.

You are still the ultimate big brother.  You hand Cid toys, with a "Here go, Baby". A couple days ago at a restaurant, you tried to appease his tears by giving him the toy truck you were playing with. If we ask you why Cid cries, you say "He's sad".  We will never forget last Halloween when Dad, dressed as Gru and unrecognizable to you, tried to carry Cid from daycare and you would not let him.  You grabbed a hold of Cid's carrier and said "No! No. Down." You motioned for me to take Cid and told Gru/Dad "BYE" in your way of saying "Get out of here".  I can't describe how proud of you I am for looking out for your little brother. And I wish you could know the way Cid looks at you.  Like you are the World.  I hope you guys continue to look out for each other the rest of your lives.

You're incredibly persistent.  {Maybe you get it from me ;p}.  It can drive us nuts!  Especially at bed time.  Often you are really nice about your protest, "Preese, awake Momma".  Sometimes you're not nice and I have the bruises to prove it! I'd gladly take the hits for the "Sow Sow, Momma" and hug I get after, but I want you to learn some things are not ok, even when served with a sugar-coated apology. It can be hard for your dad and I to be strict, but really, honestly we do our best to help you grow into a responsible, happy, well rounded person. That doesn't mean getting everything you want. And you and I are both major Grinches if we don't get enough sleep ;)

These days you LOVE to ride the bike with Dad.  You notice the smallest things, like ants crawling on the ground, or the bee that hijacked Christmas dinner, or if the binky has a red center instead of a blue one.  Momma can no longer do her squats during teeth brushing because you started doing them too! Ack!

Every age comes with different incredible new things to be excited about, as well as new puzzles to figure out. So far, I'm loving what the "Twos" are bringing!


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