Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rowan's First Haircut

{ New Haircut}
Last weekend, we gave Rowan his first haircut. His first REAL haircut.  We trimmed the side "wings" a while back, but weren't ready to tackle the whole head.

I always swore I would never let my kid have a mullet in the name of saving his baby curls.  But Rowan was morphing into a mini MacGyver right before our eyes, and we were too scared to do anything about it. 


Rightly so, because cutting his hair was about as difficult as we expected it to be {this might be some kind of lesson in predetermining outcomes with your attitude}.  Not so much emotionally, although the thought of totally butchering his hair did have me a little on edge.  But I mean was HARD!

Initially, I started with scissors, but that was super slow going.  So I moved up to a beard trimmer.  This also didn't work so well, as it was as intriguing to Rowan as it was slow.  He kept turning his head and trying to grab it.

{super-preggo Mom, weilding scissors}

We finally decided to go all out with the big clippers. 

Not having the slightest idea which length to go with, we opted for a 4.  The first buzz took out a HUGE chunk that prompted me to lengthen the blade with the built in adjusting lever....bad idea.  The next few strokes failed to cut any hair, but successfully tangled it, sending Cubbie into a wail. 

The poor kid must've wondered why the hell his parents, who he loves and trusts, would do this to him.

That's when Dad stepped in to get the job done right.

{Dad saving the day!  Someone still looks  a little worried}

With a just a few more swift hand motions and some switches back and forth between 4, 6, and 8, we stood back and admired our work. 
Not too bad.

{whoooaaaa, I'm handsome!}

The little man looks pretty dang handsome...and he also looks like he's two!


  1. What a great job you guys did! His hair looks so cute! Love the last picture where it looks styled even! :-)

  2. Yeah, a little banana in the hair is just as good as any hair gel ;)

  3. He looks great Sarah and Rogér!! It is amazing how much bigger/older a haircut can make a kid look. He looks adorable. :)


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