Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dear {3 wk old} Cid

Dear 3 Week Old Cid,

We haven't been great about posting your pictures or sharing all the little things that make up your first three weeks of life, but that's because we're busy making the most of our time with you and your brother.  You guys keep us on our toes!

The two of you are the most amazing and precious things in our lives.

You've only been out of my belly for a short time, and you are already amazing us with your ability to adapt to this new world and to show us that our love is infinite.

Your legs are strong and you already hold your head up high. You furrow your brow like your Momma and you smile {gas smiles} to one side like your Poppa.  And you have a bunch of hair on the back of your head that sticks out and curls up like a duck tail, so we call you "duck".

We want to thank you for being a mellow guy.  You eat and sleep.  And cry? Yes, some.  But not much.  Mostly when we change your diaper, or we've left you in a dirty one for too long, sorry. 

And did I mention how much your brother loves you? Rowan gives you kisses whenever he sees you.  He gently rubs your head and touches your hands.  He's the best big brother we could ask for.

The next few weeks might get rough.  You're growing.  We might get frustrated.  Just because this is our second time, we're no experts.  We have to learn what you're telling us.  We have to remember how this works.

We promise we'll always try our best and always, always love you more than anything.

You're our little duck.

And we're your family.

We love you,

Mom, Dad, & Rowan 
        Oh yeah, and Domino and Buddy too!

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