Thursday, November 18, 2010

How Lazy Can I be?

I've stooped to a new low!  Wow, I thought it was bad that I pretty much wear the same frumpy clothes every single day, never bother with my hair (or anything else related to my personal appearance), drag myself out of bed later and later each morning, don't call people because it requires looking up their number in Rogér's phone and transfering it into my new get the picture. I chalk it all up to my Not-So-Glowing pregancy, but there's no good excuse for my latest move, which I just noticed when I went to the bathroom..WARNING: get ready for TMI.. and refused to completely unbutton and unzip my pants (already, the top button is never buttoned due to the bump) before I pulled them down!  That's right.  I wiggled my way out of them so I would not have to do extra Work!  Really?! Yes, I did that.

As I sit here, the thing that's really bugging me my attempt to be super duper lazy, I'm pretty sure I ended up doing MORE WORK.  wtf.  Poor Rogér.


1 comment:

  1. Ha! You are hilarious!

    You can be lazy with yourself (wearing ugly frumpy clothes and being dirty!), but please don't be lazy with my nephew!


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