Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Making Our Own Thanksgiving Traditions

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Thanksgiving, for many people, is a time of family gathering and traditions.  Neither Rogér, nor myself grew up with any outstanding Thanksgiving traditions or big family get togethers for this holiday, so maybe we're not as attached to it as others.  Are we the only ones that thinks maybe Thanksgiving with family is overrated?

Well, I know we're not the ONLY ones because last year we started our own tradition of volunteering for various orgainization's Thanksgiving events, and having actual Thanksgiving dinner with other Bay Area "orphans" (AKA other friends that don't want to travel a long way to sit at an awkward dinner table).  No offense Mom and Dad, I love visiting my family!  Which is why I'd rather visit when Mom is not busy cooking a ridiculously huge, mid-day dinner, and Dad is not glued to the football game.

Getting together with friends has been a really fun, low key, and rewarding alternative.  We each contribute a couple staple dishes, nothing too crazy or time consuming, and then enjoy the evening over still-too-much food and wine. This will be only the second year in a row that we've done this, so we haven't nailed down all our favorite recipes yet.  Our friend Karla had a phenomenal stuffing recipe last year (I'll see if I can snag it from her to share), and we're going to be brining the turkey, and that's all we know so far!!

We would love to hear other peoples' favorite Thanksgiving traditions or recipes!  Please share! :)

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  1. We are trying to come up with traditions. One that we do have is Christmas tree hunting with some friends the weekend after Thanksgiving. Although it didn't work out this year, we look forward to it.

    Another one we have is going out the night before Thanksgiving. Teresa's family does this and we have transferred it to my family when we spend it in Reno.


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