Monday, October 17, 2011

Our Kid Only Eats Bananas!

Somewhere between Room #1 and Room #2, our avid eater decided {or learned....} to be VERY picky.  He refuses all food in puree form, and scoffs at soft foods like peaches, nectarines, cooked green beans & carrots, noodles, and cheese.

But one look at that banana and he goes ape!  He'll eat a whole banana at home at 7:45 am, then scarf another half when he gets to school at 8:15 am.  And even if he refuses a bottle, if you peel a banana in front of him, forget being able to eat it yourself.  He's all over it.  And it gets all over him.  Super messy stuff!

Okay, so there are like three other things he'll eat too; crackers/puffs, toast, and yogurt.  WOW, what a balanced diet!

I guess I should be happy that he eats {somewhat} healthy foods, as opposed to mac & cheese or something like that, but sheesh! You'd think he'd get tired of eating the same thing over and over.  I'm bored.

Do you have a picky, or suddenly picky eater? What do your kids like to eat?

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