Friday, November 18, 2011

Halloween in November

So...we are a little behind.

But  I wanted to share Rowan's first Halloween. 

Most babies dress up as bugs, or peas, or furry animals....not our little Cubbie Cub.  We've always thought that Rowan looks just like Toon Link, from the Zelda video games (I promise, we are not video game geeks...well, Rogér may or may not be.  However, we do play some video games.  I keep mostly to the cute ones, and the Toon Zeldas are pretty cute:))

But look!  I mean, he pretty much is Little Toon Link re-incarnate.  Especially with his crazy eyebrows, (which are hard to see because they're so blonde, but if they were black, I mean, c'mon, it doesn't get any closer than this).

So, there was no question in our minds.  Rowan HAD to be Toon Link for Halloween.

I grew up where moms made their kids' costumes.  Maybe this was out of necessity, but I've always felt like making home-made costumes was a standard that I have to live up to as a mom.  It was hard to find the time, given ALL the things moms have to do, but I swore I'd do it for as long as I can, so I set out to make a Toon Link costume.

Okay, Green Tunic, White Pants, Belt, Hat.  How hard could this be?

THANK GOODNESS, Rowan already had a pair of white pants!  This costume may never have manifested if I had to make the pants. Kinda cheating, but I'm no seamstress, ya know.

I found the perfect green jersey material for the Tunic and hat.  (Note: never worked with jersey before and never want to again).

The belt was super easy and fun to make from felt.

I made the little bootie covers out of some faux seude I just happened to have (sometimes I'm glad that I save EVERYTHING).  They weren't too hard.  I just pinned the fabric using some of Rowan's real boots as a model and then sewed them up.  I attached them to the pants so that they would stay in place and Rowan just wore dark socks underneath.

The bright green undershirt was too daunting of a task to make, so I went to Kohl's in search of a pre-made shirt.  Of course, I found the perfect the girls' section.  So, yes, that's a girl's shirt.  It's got some girlie stuff on the front, but it's covered by his tunic ;)

Got the sword at Target for $1, and put dark blue carstock over the handle to make it blue like the true Master Sword (that's Links sword, for those of us who aren't Zelda savvy).

I'm not one to bragg, but I was thrilled with the way it turned out!  He really is the perfect little Link.

Our costumes (Linebeck and Tetra, from the same video game) suffered from my focus on Rowan's outfit, but I was OK with that.

OH!  And I can't forget the thrilling end to the pumkin portrait saga....The Good, The Bad, and...

The Ugly!

The Ugly - by Rogér Balyon

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