Friday, June 29, 2012

Embarrassing Mommy Moments: The Crap I Carry with Me

While on maternity leave, I've been religious about taking Domino for about a mile-a mile and a half walk or jog every morning before I get on with the rest of the day.

Like any good dog owner, I bring along a bag to pick up Dom's poo, and since I don't enjoy holding the stink bomb for the rest of the trip, I usually hang it from the mommy hook on the stroller.  Still stinks, but at least I don't have to hold it. Then when we get home, I promptly take the bag and throw it in the trash.

Well, yesterday, I didn't use the jogging stroller.  I just had the snap n go.  And I didn't transfer the mommy hook either, so when I scooped up Dom's poo, I stashed it in the mesh basket under the stroller and continued on.

I got home, took Dom and Cid inside the house, got Cid out of the stroller, fed him, fed Domino, folded up the snap n go, got all my stuff together, strapped Cid in the car seat, put on some deodorant real quick while Cid screamed, grabbed my sunglasses, my keys, and the directions to Red Rock Cafe, put Cid in the car, folded up the snap n go and threw it in the back and took off in the car to meet my friend Evelyn. 

The car stunk from some dirty diapers that had cooked a little too long in the back of the car before being discovered {does anyone else with kids find a nice surprise like this every once in a while?} So I vowed when I got back home, I'd remember to keep my windows open to air out the car.

Since it was lunch time, I was a bit worried about finding parking in Downtown Mountain View, but after just one circle, I found a tight spot, and shimmied my way in.  It's hard to get the car seat out when you're squeezed between two other cars, but I was slow and deliberate and got the job done.  I whipped out the snap in go, snapped the car seat {with Cid} in and treked off to find the cafe.  Since it was a beautiful day, I didn't mind walking a bit, but I didn't walk long before I was there.  I walked in and ordered a chai latte and a big oat bake.  {BTW, the chai latte was a little too spicey for my taste...would pick something else next time}.  Then Evelyn showed up and we started catching up on all the life that had happened in the ages that we hadn't seen each other.  Our visit was over quick and then it was back in the car to go home.

After I got home, I took Cid inside and lounged around for a while.  Then a thought went off like a lightbulb in my head. Did I forget to toss Dom's poop bag when I got home from the walk? OMG, I didn't!  OMG, I carried that poop with me into a coffee shop!! I sat at a table and ate with it's stench keeping me {and all the other patrons}company! 

I wondered why I hadn't noticed.  I wondered if anyone else had.  Dom's poos are pretty damn stinky!  Have I just gotten used to bad smells to the point where I am oblivious? Now, sitting alone in my home, I could feel my cheeks flush with embarrassment for what people must have thought as I walked by them with my perfume a la dog doo.

Ugh, sometimes {okay, quite often}I'm such a mess.

Thank goodness I don't go to that coffee shop often! 

Sorry if I ruined anyone's lunch!  :-X

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  1. That's funny. I doubt anyone even noticed. Coincidentally, I'm going there today :) Want me to ask around???


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