Friday, June 15, 2012

A Growth Chart for the Boys

Rowan grows like crazy.  Every day it seems like he's this much closer to grabbing the doorknobs and bonking his head on the counter top...ok, he's already grabbing the doorknobs!

It's time to start tracking this kids height!

Originally, I was going to paint a growth chart, but we can't take that with us when/if we move.  No fun :(  So I kind of put that off...

Then this came up on the Silhouette blog

I hate to be a total copycat, but basically, we copied this project to a "T"....except for a few things:

-We used wood slats from an old Ikea bed instead of pallets.

-We made ours by putting two slats together side-by-side and then another pair on top so that it could be taller....our boys could be tall!

-We started the measurements at 2 feet.  This allowed us to make more room above 6 feet and besides, by the time you measure your kid's height, they'll probably be taller than 2 feet already.  BUT, you have to make sure you mount the chart exactly 2 ft from the floor!

-No need for a fancy-schmancy Silhouette  (: x).  For 3 Bucks, I bought number stencils at The Home Depot.

-For the white portion, we Kilz used primer, which we had on hand.  Worked great.  It's runnier than paint so you can still see the wood grain and it give a very flat, rugged finish.

I like.

Also, not sure how the original one was mounted, but we used two flushmount brackets on each of the two pairs of slats.

Mounting the chart was kind of a challenge.  We measured two feet from the floor and marked where the bottom of the chart had to be.  Then we attached one piece of the flushmount brackets to the back of the boards.  We put tape on the back of the other piece and clipped those into the attached piece.  Placed the boards against the wall and applied pressure until the other piece of the flushmount was taped to the wall.  Then carefully lift and remove the boards, leaving the other piece of the bracket on the wall.  Then drive in the screws!  It's a little tricky and might be easier to just measure it all out.  But that's how we did it.

You'll want a level too, to make sure your chart is straight.

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  1. Great Idea. I like it. We still have the shelves that I used to mark your and Jim's height. It only went to 5 ft. though, so don't have the last measurements on it. The shelves live in the laundry room now. How tall is Rowan?


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