Thursday, September 30, 2010

Add Baby Shower planning to our list of To Do's

With all the stuff we've been doing on the house, we've kinda lagged on the whole baby shower thing.  (I know you don't typically throw your own baby shower, and we're not.  My mom is technically hosting.  But since we like to do things our way, we have a BIG say in the matter, plus, my mom lives far away from us so it's easier for us to do some of the planning). So anyway....

We decided a while ago that we wanted to do a couples shower, because Rogér is a part of this whole shindig too!  And I don't really do well when the spotlight is all on me either. We also decided to have it at our house.  Why?!  Oh my gosh! Why?!  Well, we wanted all our friends/fam to see our place and see the baby's room and we thought it'd be fun. And it will be, except for the whole part about us not having a kitchen yet and the fact that most of our belongings are piled in a big mess in the enclosed patio (or Trophy Room, as Rogér has decided to entitle it).

With the shower only a few weeks away, we're still trying to come up with a good food option (that doesn't require us to have a kitchen of course), some fun co-ed activities and prizes, favors, and some sort of strategy for the whole day.  I'm sure it will all pull together though.  At least today I got a start on the favors.  See them at my other blog, HERE.

Just another crazy week  :)

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