Sunday, September 12, 2010

Our Kitchen Cabinets are Here!!


We shopped around a little for cabinets.  Debated over the pros and cons of laminate vs. wood, custom vs semi-custom vs. modular.  But, ultimately, no one could beat the Ikea prices or timeline (we broke & we need to get this kitchen show on the road!).  On Saturday we walked into Ikea....4 hours and a couple G's later, our cabs were ordered and scheduled for next day delivery!

The girl at the Ikea kitchen center was super helpful and made sure we were getting all the right pieces....well, almost...she told us what countertops we'd need, but did forget to put them on the initial quote.  We had to go back upstairs and add them on, then go back to the register and pay for them separate.  No small feat for my pregnant butt.

The friendly kitchen girl and the loads of tall, blonde, pregnant ladies almost made us forget that we were in East Palo Alto.  But don't worry, we got reminded.  While counting our delivery items (we were instructed to do this), a big, bitchy, ghetto-EPA-lady yelled at Rogér to "Back Away".  She assured him that she would do the counting for him, then sat her fat butt down behind a counter and ignored us the rest of the time.  Thank goodness the nice delivery-scheduling guy appeared and set everything right.

BTW, the girls in the Returns Center didn't sound fun to deal with either.  If you have an Ikea return, maybe take your chances at the Emeryville location.

So we were scheduled for delivery this evening, but the guys called around 3pm and asked if we would be available to take the delivery in 10-15mins....SWEEEEEEEEEEET!  Now it's all piled up in our living room.

90 or so boxes of cabinets
Current kitchen situation...or should I say, crisis?

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