Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Attempting Organization

Some people are great at making a place for everything and keeping everything in it's place.  Not us.  We're remarkably disorganized.  Sometimes we pretend that our "system" works for us, but, seriously, who are we trying to kid?  Every now and then, we do give a good effort at getting it together.

We just got a bunch of hand-me-down clothes from our neighbors (hand-me-downs are KEY!).  Since they're for 18 months, I had to store them away for a little while, so I told myself I would "do this right".  I grabbed a Sterlite tub and marked it with "18 Months", folded up the clothes, closed the lid, and shoved it up in the top closet cabinet in the baby's room!  Go me!  Since I was on a roll, here's what else I did:

Dang, that's pretty good, for me!  How long do you think it'll last?  Probably like a day.  But at least we're starting out in a good place.

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