Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another Vet Bill for a {Champion} Horse

A few days ago, I started drafting this blog entry:

Can you believe it? Nothing has been wrong with the horse for at least a few weeks!  {I am probably jinxing things by even mentioning it}.  We're so excited to watch him perform in his first Dressage Show@ Indian Hills Ranch this Sunday.  We're going to be the dorkiest Horse Parents.  I'm about this close to making t-shirts and posters for cheering him {and his rider} on!

But before I even had a chance to post, Ronin had to see the vet, AGAIN. 

We went up to help the ferrier so that Ronin's shoes would be perfecto for his big day.  The shoeing, miraculously, went super quick and easy, but the ferrier noticed that Ronin's lip was swollen.  WHUH?! OMG it was HUGE!  {and really gross too}.  Luckily I happened to spot a vet, who was up for a clinic and squeezed Ronin in for a look.  The vet diagnosed him with a fungal infection.  Ewwwwwwww!  Anyway, he gave me some "stuff" that should hopefully fix him up. 

Luckily, this didn't hinder him from being ridden the next day.

So, the show was on Sunday, and we busted our butts to get up there in time for Ronin's first ride.  We were in such a hurry to leave that we forgot our camera! *lame*.  But you can view some pictures here {Ronin is in pictures 30-36, and Rogér and Rowan are in picture 253}:


I was SO proud of Tiffany {Ronin's rider}.  She cleaned Ronin up so well, and looked calm and composed through the whole thing.  After Ronin & Tiffany's rides were over, we stuck around for maybe an hour.  I'm so glad we did because we got to hear the winners announced and, who woulda thought, Tiffany and Ronin placed 1st in one category, and 2nd in another!


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