Thursday, April 14, 2011

Working, and Making it Work

Sorry it's been so long since we gave an update. Things have been really hectic at the Balyon House!

I went back to work last Monday :( It's hard to describe how I felt the last few days before the impending doom. Preparing to send Rowan to daycare, or "school", as we call it, was a surreal experience.  I procrastinated right up to the wire, and then went through the motions almost mechanically; Diapers, Check. Bottles, Check. Extra Clothes, Check. Labels, Check. I felt like I was in a sort of denial about the whole thing. 

I was also stressed and excited over a rush Invitation Order {I'll get a better photo up soon!}, that just happened to come in at about the most busy time in the last few months {of course, right?}.  As exciting it was to get an order, I felt a tremendous amount of guilt because of the time I had to spend on it.  I literally dropped Ro-Bear off at daycare, went to work, picked the Cub up from daycare, and then handed him off to Rogér for the night while I worked on the invitations.

I guess the bright side is that I was so busy, I didn't have time to focus on being a worry-whort!  But I wouldn't say that I handled everything all that well, just ask Rogér!

Now we're in our second week of work/school, and it's still strange but it's working itself out.  Rowan seems to like daycare.  He likes getting to interact with new people and things.  I think this was the perfect time for him to go to daycare.  He's just started to be interested in other babies and wants to try the thing he sees them doing.  And, it is nice to get some time to myself and to see some of my friends at work again, even if the work part is kinda lame.

 I feel like this is a healthy thing for both of us, but if I could have everything my way, both Rogér and I would be stay-at-home parents, AND Rowan would get to go to school a couple days a week. Maybe some day!

Here's a little Rowan fix for ya.  Just when I don't think he can get any cuter, he does. :)

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  1. Oh my goodness he's so big! He looks like such a little man now!! Where did your baby go?


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