Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Favorite Toy {Four Months}

Now that Rowan is reaching out for things and actually able to hold on to them, he's finally interested in some of the {many} toys that we've accumulated in the last few months.
Despite our efforts to force Rowan into an emotional attachment to the most adorable stuffed giraffe that his dad picked out especially for him {before we even knew we were pregnant}, he's taken a particular interest in his froggy rattle.
{Pay no attention to that cloth diaper insert under his head!}
As soon as he sees that green thing coming his way, his eyes get wide and so does his mouth!  He knows this is something he likes to chew on.

 I think it also is familiar to him because we've kept it on the changing table, and long before he could recognize it or reach for it, I rattled it for him.

It's fun to see him have a favorite, even if it's not the favorite that we wanted him to have.  Haha!  I guess this is the beginning of a long line of differences in opinion between us and him!

What a rebel!

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  1. Cutie!! Another great outfit with fond memories.:)


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