Thursday, July 7, 2011

Go SF Giants!

First of all, it's been over two years since we went to a Giants game.  This isn't on purpose.  I don't know how those two years slipped through our fingers.  Especially last year, when the Giants won the World Series.  I mean, talk about lame.  What kind of fans are we anyway?!

We've been REALLY excited to take Rowan to his first game for a while, so for Father's Day, me and Little Ro got the best daddy in the world tickets to the SF Giants vs. Cleveland Indians game. We chose what was supposed to be a 1pm game on a Sunday, in order to not screw with Rowan's nighttime schedule too much, but the game ended up being moved to 5pm...oh well.  We opted to drive instead of taking CalTrain, although, I think now that Rogér has seen how close CalTrain is to the ballpark, next time we may take the train.  Then again, it was nice for Rowan to be able to sleep in the car on the way up and back. 

On the way into the park, we got our promo Madisson Bumgarner tees and the guy handing them out asked if we had a first-timer with us, and directed us to pick up a first-timer gift at Section 119.  So Rowan got a little poster with Lou Seal on it and a printed paper that says something like "Welcome to your first game, Rowan Balyon...bla bla bla."  I have to admit, the printout is kinda lame.  But I think we'll keep it anyway for the little guy to decide what he wants to do with.

It was a perfect day to be at a ballgame in San Francisco, and Rowan did really great.  Something tells me he wasn't that interested in the game, and I can't really say that we got to watch the game that well either, but it was a fun family outing and Rogér got to show off his daddy skills {which is really what makes him happy anyway}.
Oh yea, and the Giants won!

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