Monday, August 15, 2011

Eten! Eten! Eten

Cubbie LOVES to eat.

Pretty much anything {except carrots}

He's grubbin' it up!

I was really looking forward to making Rowan's food from scratch {not knocking the prepackaged stuff.  We rely on it sometimes as well, but I really really thought making baby food would be fun}

*not cupcakes*

I use our Mini Cuisinart Chopper to puree all kinds of goodness, including:


Almost anything goes!  And it is fun.  But kinda messy.

I pour it into silicone baking cups,


Then  store in double Ziplock freezer bags.

Ready to warm up and eat whenever someone's tummy needs a fillin' 


 And for his daycare snacks, I just fill up cleaned and reused baby food jars.

Of course, this kind of food won't last like the stuff you buy in the stores {no preservatives and no canning process} I keep track by writing the date on the inner ziplock bags.


  1. Love it, awesome, thanks for sharing, Rowan looks so excited to eat!

  2. Teresa, you are in for so much fun! :)


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