Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Oh, His Eyes are Blue...Grey...Green...Brown!

Rowan, July 2011

Like many parents-to-be, {I think}, we spent a lot of time during our pregnancy wondering what our little guy was gonna look like when he finally showed up.  Who's nose will he have?  Will he have hair?  What color are his eyes going to be?  These are fun surprises to anticipate, because, really, there's not a lot of chances for disappointment!
Little did we know that he was going to make us wait a little longer until he answers many of our long awaited questions!

He's cute as a button, but his features are not exactly prominent in one direction or the other.  Some people say he has my cheeks.  Others say he looks just like his dad. We, ourselves go back and forth on this topic{Rogér and I are *fairly* similar in our features as well, so it can be hard to guess who he's looking more like}.

In the end, who really cares?! Right?
But.....we {and by we, I mean mostly I} are having a little trouble when it comes to Rowan's eye color.  I have {very light} hazel eyes and Rogér has {dark} blue eyes.  Can you tell we were in for trouble in the eye color classification category??
When Rowan was born, he had blue-ISH, grey-ISH eyes.  Okay, we thought, guess we're gonna have to wait and see which way they end up. 

Well....we're still waiting. 

At Rowan's 6 mo appointment, his doctor said that his eye color had probably set.  But Rowan's now 7 months old and my brother nailed it last weekend {his first introduction to Cubbie}, when he announced "Oh, his eyes are blue..........grey...green...brown!"

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