Monday, August 8, 2011

Under-Cabinet Lighting

And have under-cabinet lighting!!  Woohoo!

That's something to get excited about!  Since the kitchen is about 90% done, and fully functional, that last 10% just seems to linger. 

But we try to eek in a small project here and there. 

And I guess it makes every task that gets done seem like a major triumph.  Thank goodness we did the majority of the work before Rowan came along!

To get this mini project done, we used:

-Flourescent under-cabinet lights (2)
-Ikea under-cabinet moulding*

We placed the lights as close to the front of the cabinets as possible, as recommended by the lighting manufacturer.

*Tip:  Use caulk to close any gaps in your undercabinet moulding.  Applied to just one side, it blocks the light from shining through!

1 comment:

  1. So fancy!! I definitely have to get down there to see all the improvements.


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