Wednesday, March 21, 2012

COMING SOON: "Built-in" Window Seating

I've always pictured a built-in window seat and bookshelf around our front living room window. 

We thought it should be easy enough to build.  Especially after looking at plans from this website, which I found through Simply Sadie Jane.

While, that does seem easy enough, our time and space in the garage or "woodshop" is very limited. Not to mention that not having a truck makes large amounts of wood material pickup difficult. As we realized that we were never going to get around to a true built-in, we decided we would fake a built-in using some sort of Ikea modular system.

We originally were going to go with the Billy system, and trick it out with our own fancy trim.  But when we got to Ikea, we found the HEMNES system, and felt that the real wood gave it a nicer touch, so even though the measurements were a little off {nothing non-custom quite fits the dimensions of our windows}, we went for it.

We DO have to make some modifications, and they are a little tricky to figure out, so we're taking our time...haha...what don't we take our time with, eh?

Well,  for now, here is a {grainy} photo of the fairly bare window.  I'll post later on the progress and finished result.

Window with one HEMNES bench constructed

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