Friday, March 30, 2012

Our due date is almost here!

and I'm freaking out!

No, I'm not comforted by the fact that this is my second time around.  In fact, that might make it worse in some ways because I have some preconceived notions.  Last time I was pretty chillaxed since I had NO IDEA what I was getting into.  Now, I'm I go again.

Plus, I've been totally lazy about getting ready.  Birth bag?  What?  Although I did make sure I have a few necessities easily accessible, our house, not neatly tucked in a bag ready to go.  And here's what they are:

  • My awesome slippers!  {those were the flippin' bomb!}
  • Pads & adult diapers.  Yes, I sprung for the adult diapers this time. {TMI??}
  • and Gatorade and Snickers...oh wait, I don't have those yet, shit.

As the date approaches, I'm finding myself extremely torn between wanting this little guy out of my belly and wanting to get some things done first!

For instance, I want to see The Hunger Games on Saturday.  Please, please don't come before Saturday!  {or on Saturday for that matter.  Especially not during the movie...please}. Otherwise, I'll end up having to watch it on Netflix.

But I also HATE being late.  If my mom is only coming for two weeks, I want to make the most of her time.  We can't be dilly dallying waiting for Trouble to make his grand entrance.

If Trouble knows what's best for him, he'll come right on schedule, just like our little Ro Bear did!

 Something tells me that's not very likely....

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