Monday, April 2, 2012

Past Due

Well.... It looks like little Trouble isn't as punctual as his big brother. Today was supposed to be the day, but we all know due dates aren't very accurate. I'm just a little concerned that he's planning on growing {as in getting BIGGER}in there for another week :/ I did have a scheduled Dr's appointment today. The Dr. Checked my cervix- only 1 cm dilated! Ack! She also said she could scrape my cervical membrane to help promote labor. I asked her if that would hurt an she said it would be like an aggressive cervical exam. Ummm...OW! Yes, it hurt! but other than that user uncomfortable scrape, everything is still good. Good heartbeat. Good size. So I guess he's just meant to stew in there a bit longer. The Dr. Didn't recommend inducing until at least a week after the due date. But I'm impatient so we scheduled for next Sunday {okay, it's just one day, but I can't imagine even waiting THAT long}. So that's the update. We'll be waiting!


  1. Well at least your doc offered to scrape. Mine just got in there and went to town! I thought he was just trying to check me and was on the verge of shouting "if you haven't found itby now you aren't going to" when I realized what he was doing. I got a pedicure on my due date and I'd highly recommend it. It's nice to do something for yourself and you'll have pretty toes for labor =)

  2. That's an excellent idea, Lauren! I'm trying to naturally induce by doing yard work!


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