Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cake Pop Flop!

Ever since cake pops hit the scene, I've been dying to make them. There's so many cute, pretty, imaginative ways to decorate them, and they're delicious!

But time and resources never really allowed me to try....

Until now...

I happened to have some cake scraps leftover from a cake I made for a friend's baby shower.  I also had some leftover frosting, and just happened to be able to squeeze in a run to Michael's, where I picked up some candy sticks and candy melts {among other things that were unrelated to cake pops}.

I felt like these should be simple enough, but it didn't really work out as planned.

My initial cake balls may have been too large?  or too soft?  I'm not exactly sure, since I never read any directions or recipes or tips {surprise!}, but the issue I had was that when I tried to dip the pops in the melted candy chips, the ball slipped right off the stick, or sagged sloppily towards the side.

I managed to pull off a couple of OK looking ones, which went to our friends, The Ballous, who just welcomed home a baby boy {in case you haven't read our older posts}.

The rest of the flops were eaten by us, although I had intentions of giving them away....haha. They might have looked bad, but they still tasted pretty damn good!

The upside to this story is that I'm pretty sure I'm over cake pops.  At least, the making them part.  I'll leave that to more patient people and I'll just enjoy their hard work!


  1. They tasted awesome, even if you think they flopped! Thanks again!!


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