Monday, April 16, 2012

Welcome Home, Baby Cid!

Sorry I left everyone hanging!  {well, by everyone, I mean the very few of you who read our blog and probably already know the news anyway :) }

I've been meaning to get another post up, but we're kinda busy, ya know.

On April 9th, 2012, our second baby boy, Cid Laurentius Balyon arrived!  

He weighed 8lbs 2.7oz and was  20.5 inches long.

 Cid with his proud Papa

Cid is such a good baby.  
He eats great, sleeps great, and barely makes a peep, except when we change his diaper.

Rowan is an amazing older brother.  I was worried about how he'd handle the new little guy.  He's been jealous in the past when we've held other babies, and since he's so young, he really wasn't able to understand anything about us having a baby or him being a brother.  But to our surprise, he's taken it really well.  He waves to Cid and gives him hugs and kisses.  He brings Cid's pacifier to him and tries to share his bottle.  He's relatively gently, but occasionally slams a book or toy in Cid's lap or face.  Cid's a trooper already.

Tippy toes!

We couldn't believe how small Cid seems, even though he actually weighed more than Rowan did, he seems so tiny since we've been living with a toddler.  BTW, Rowan all of a sudden seems like a giant.  The first night home, I tucked him in bed and thought, "holy cow, he looks like a 5yr old!"

Our first week home was jam-packed full of things to do, {new lawn, home appraisal, friend's baby shower, etc.} so we've hardly had a chance to settle in.  But we're getting there. So far, I think this transition to a family of four couldn't have gone more smoothly.

We LOVE our little Cid!


  1. ahh congrats!! i heard the new little one is so adorable. my mom and sister rubbed it in how they got to see him this past weekend! looks like you now have 2 cutie pies on your hands! :)

  2. Thanks Kristina :) we are so lucky with our two beautiful babies!

  3. That's such a cute photo of Rowan peeking at his new buddy! Congratulations again!

  4. Rowan & Cid are both beautiful treasures...Congratulations! Sounds like a new nickname for Cid will be in order...Very happy for you "Trouble" didn't stick...Thank you for all the time you gave me to hold Cid. It was better than any massage...all stress, worries and negativity disappeared...

    "Out on the ocean sailing away,I can hardly wait,to see you to come of age,
    But I guess we'll both,Just have to be patient,Yes it's a long way to go...
    Beautiful,Beautiful,Beautiful,Beautiful Boy,"

  5. So happy for all of you...and so cool that you and Lisa can enjoy the first few weeks with your wee ones together!


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