Thursday, December 30, 2010

Follow Up - What's in Sarah's Birth Bag

I wrote a post a while ago about what I packed in my birth bag for the hospital.  This birth bag thing is like, what everyone is doing, so I thought I'd share my experience.

Here's the recap, in case you don't want to link back:

- Bath Robe
- Slippers
- Sour Push Pop
- Gatorade
- Make-Up
- Toothbrush
- Kotex Super Overnights
- IPod Touch

So here's the thing, I found out, you really don't NEED a birth bag.  At least not if you're opting for the epidural.  I didn't need any memento to focus on, or watch to time my contractions (I was hooked up to a monitor anyway).  The hospital provides pads, snacks, a gown (which I found to be perfectly adequate), slipper socks, and everything else you'll need afterwards.

There are a couple of things in my bag that I found useful. 

First, the SLIPPERS!  Yeah, those slippers that I got from a co-worker.  They were great!  I hated the hospital slipper socks because they turned around all the time (no heel).  I'm so glad I did end up bringing my fancy schmancy slippers.

My slippers :)

Also, Gatorade.  I drank both bottles during my hospital stay.  The only thing that sucks is that you have to pee more, but they try to pump you full of fluids anyway and Gatorade really hit the spot.  Plus, it was always there when I needed to take a pill.

The last useful item was a toothbrush.  The hospital did not provide one and I used mine every day. 

The other items in my bag didn't even get touched, except for my going home clothes, which I only used some of.  My mom ended up bringing me other clothes from home.

So, I hope this helps anyone trying to figure out what to put in their bag.  While the things I put in there might not have been useful during or after Rowan was born, it was theraputic to pack it, because I felt like it was a way to prepare for what was coming.



  1. I'm so impressed your able to blog and take care of the babe!

    Hope things are going well and you're at least getting SOME sleep!

  2. I am glad that I brought my pillow, own pjs, and my own bath and shower items, and chapstick. The staff frowned upon eating or drinking anything other than ice chips and water when I was in labor. :( Boo. And of course I was induced the day I forgot breakfast. Sad face.

    I didn't have time for slippers or anything, labor started pretty quickly and I was all tied up to the drip. :( We brought so much too - games, books, laptop etc and my contractions started becoming to intense for even the TV within 20 min - lol so I didn't use any of it until after our little one was born!


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