Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rogér's first bloggy blog

Hi I am Rogér, Sarah's husband. Have we met yet? Nice to meet you.

So, we have lots of things going on lately in the Balyon household.  Lots o' pets to take care of, new house that needed a major remodel, and a baby on the way.  Plenty to keep us busy and some.

Yesterday, we had a doctor's visit. Just a check up to see how things were coming along.  The doctor measured Sarah's belly and felt that we should get another ultrasound because he measured on the small side.  Apparently this could mean a lot of thing that aren't so great.  So this was a little unnerving, but on the other hand we get more pictures!!!

I got off early from work and met Sarah at the hospital for our appointment.  The lady doing the ultrasound made quite an impression early on.  "This is my screen.  Your screen is over there. You need to lean back in your chair."  As she turns her screen away from mine.  After a few seconds pause she did mention that she had to turn the screen because of the glare, but that is how the whole appointment went.  Just like sour patch kids.

"Now I can't say how much he weighs.  People want to know and I tell them, well you can have my job.  Besides it is not accurate.  Could you tell me the weight of a man by his hat size, belt size, and pant length?  Plus or minus 15%.  So I could be a pound less or more and I would still be right.  Hmmm.  He is 7.5 pounds.  He is a little bit on the big size.  Congratulations.  See those Doctors don't know what they are talking about when it comes to weight.  You are doing a great job."

Yeah... good times, but it was worth knowing that everything is going well.

And here is the result.  A beautiful shot of his face!!!
Ok bud, you are looking good and your mom is doing a great job.  We will be waiting for you on the outside.  Love ya, good luck, and catch you on the flip side.

- Rogér


  1. I think he kinda looks like Sarah from what I can tell. And that's a pretty good picture! It's not 3D is it?

    I'm very glad he's gonna be a bigger baby or else I would be scared to hold him! :-)

    You better help Sarah keep up with this blog once the baby comes! Inquiring minds want to keep up with whats going on in your world!

  2. Hmmm...I think he looks a little bit like the Joker. But the ultrasound pics always kinda creep me out. We think he was secretly flipping the ultrasound tech off. He's already a rebel! ;)


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