Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What's in Sarah's Birth Bag?

We've read up a little on what put in your Birth Bag (the bag you bring to the hospital with you for during and after labor).  The Labor & Delivery Nurse that taught our Childbirth Preparation Class at Kaiser gave a few tips too.  We took some things, and left some things.  I thought I'd share what's in my bag, and follow up later with what I wish I had put in my bag.

For starters, we have two bags.  One is for me, the other is for baby.  This was suggested by the L&D Nurse so that the Father-to-Be (or whomever is with you at your time of delivery) isn't rummaging through baby clothes to get to the sour lollipop that you NEED.RIGHT.NOW!

In My Bag:

- Bath Robe - courtesy of OMG I'm a Mom! who says that the provided gowns don't quite cut it.
- Slippers - I'm stashed a pair that was given to me by a co-worker. They're very...um...pretty? I'll let you know if I have any regrets.
- Sour Push Pop - To help with dry mouth.  The Nurse suggested something on a stick, but sour lollies are more difficult to find than expected.
- Gatorade - Suggested by our (twice) experienced neighbor, Luisa, for quenching thirst and restoring electrolytes.
- Make-Up - I don't know if I'll get around to putting it on, but it might come in handy for all the photo ops.
- Going Home Clothes - A pair of sweats, nursing bra, cami, long sleeved shirt, and jacket.
- Toothbrush - I actually still have to buy one. Not sure what they provide at the hospital.
- Kotex Super Overnights - Our friend said I should get myself some Depends, but this is what I ended up with.  Again, I'll follow up with any regrets.
- IPod Touch - Mainly for the clock and the nursing app., but who knows,  I may get also get the urge to play Angry Birds!

(Other suggestions I came across included: mementos for focusing on during labor, stress relieving squishy, massagers)

In Baby B's Bag:

- Cute Outfit #1 - For the pictures. Inlcuding a onsie, pants, jacket, socks and mittens.
- Cute Outfit #2 - For when Cute Outfit #1 gets spit up on and peed through.
- Memory Album - So the Nurse can stamp his little hand/foot at the same time that they do it anyway.
- Flip - Seeing as the baby is the whole reason we got a Flip in the first place, wouldn't seem right to home without it.
- Giraffe -  The stuffed giraffe that Rogér picked out for Baby B a few months before we even started trying!

More suggestions are welcomed!! It makes me feel like I can do something to prepare.

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