Thursday, December 16, 2010

Saying Goodbye to Plastic Bags Part II

A friend of mine left a comment on my ode to the plastic bag post with a URL to an awesome YouTube music video about single use plastic bags.  (Thanks Elliot!)

But the video actually wasn't my favorite part.

I scrolled through the YouTube video comments and found that some people had good points about how the poly bags that we buy for $.99 are still bad for the environment.  Better, I think, but it's true.  This lead me to a source, for 35 ways to make reusable grocery bags out of materials you may already have and things that you would probably chuck anyways without a better use for them!

Here are some of my favorites, which I chose to highlight because they do simply use things that you will actually have lying around and they don't seem to require super-crafty skills (well, the first one might require some):

Recycled Grocery Totes Tutorial - courtesy of Dana-Made-It 

 T-Shirt Bag - courtesty of

Pillow Case Grocery Bag - courtesy of CreativeKismet

This still doesn't take care of my dog poop bag dilemma.  I've seen some reusable dog poop bags, but c'mon, that's waaaay too much work and kinda gross.  Also, without grocery bags, we'll be cycling through a LOT more trash bags.  Not sure how to solve that one either. Any ideas?


  1. I read something regarding the transition from paper to plastic. The change, at the time, was heralded as a great win for the environment because trees would not be cut down, plastic was lighter and easier to transport. We will always have these cycles of adoption. People learn more each time.

    As far as what to use in lieu of bags, I want this: Still a bag purchased for a single use, but I could use it as a backpack and a laptop bag.

  2. I love the reusable bags made from things that would otherwise be thrown away, this would be so fun to make and sell at a farmers market or something although I will have to leave those ideas to you because I am not craft at all.
    We use the biodegradable poop pick up bags which makes me feel better. And my plan is to try out biodegradable trash bags after we get through the box we bought recently.

  3. I did have some biodegradable trash bags once, but they began to decompose before I got the chance to use them. I think they may have gotten wet and we forgot we had them :( My mom was using them for a while though.


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