Wednesday, December 15, 2010

San Jose to Ban Plastic Bags from Grocery Stores

We've been told this day would come.  Every grocery store that's any grocery store sells reusable bags with their logo plastered on the front.  Sometimes, you even see people using these bags.  An admirable step towards reduction of waste.

Now, San Jose is putting their foot down with a complete ban on plastic bags from the grocery stores.  Stores would pay a fine if they continue plastic bag use.  The ordinance, which passed on Tuesday, will also sport a fee for paper bag use.

I get where this is coming from. We have a few of those reusable bags.  Maybe, if forced, we'll even remember to bring them when we go shopping.  And, yes, we like to consider ourselves on board with acts of environmental friendliness (as long as they don't interfere too much with modern daily life).  But the truth is...

We'll miss our plastic grocery bags!

Buh-bye free garbage pail liner.

So long handy, always-one-in-the-car-when-you-need-it, poop bag.
Au revoir muck boot container.

Farewell makeshift gym bag.

Will we survive?  Undoubtedly.  But beginning Jan. 1, 2011, we'll have to learn to cope.


  1. I've been good the past week or so (long time I know!) about bringing in reusable bags for small purchases. However, the next time we do a big grocery shopping trip, I'm just gonna have to suck it up and buy enough reusable bags to pack up the lot.

    I will definitely miss plastic bags for all the reasons above. Teresa said something about compostable bags to use for trash liners, but I haven't looked into them.

  2. Saw this video and thought of your post.


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