Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lifesaver (I mean, Pacifier)

It's Day 7 of dirty diapers, nursing, burping, crying, and too many kisses to count.  We haven't gotten into the groove yet, if that even happens! 

Rowan has been an angel during the day.  He's so quiet, you can almost forget he's there (pssh, no, I haven't done this).  The nights are a little more rough.  We somehow manage to get through the day on about one or two hours of sleep each night.  AMAZING!  Never thought it was possible. Everyone says "sleep when the baby sleeps", but seriously, that doesn't really work out so well.  Especially when it's the holidays and there are so many things going on and people around.

So far, I've found one thing that especially helped us get through the some of the not-so-pleasant parts of the first week at home.

SOOTHIE(R) $1.50 ea, available at

The SOOTHIE(R) pacifier. 

There is probably not scientific evidence to back up what I'm about to claim, (in fact, there's probably evidence against it) but I SWEAR, this thing saved me from becoming an "I tried to breastfeed" mom.

Rowan wasn't latching well from the beginning and it was making breastfeeding a nightmare.  One particularly fussy evening, we gave in and plugged Rowan's mouth with the SOOTHIE(R) pacifier that our friend Lisa G had given us.  We figured this particular pacifier might have some special power, I mean, Lisa is a labor and delivery nurse.

He sucked on that thing for hours without a peep, and if we thought that wasn't enough, the next feeding was the best he'd had!  My (fairly unbased - I don't read up on these things) theory is that sucking on that SOOTHIE(R) was good practice for the real thing.  Maybe, maybe not, but I'm sticking with it and I'll most likely be giving these to all my friends with babies on the way.


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  1. Good to know, good to know. Now maybe I won't cringe as much every time you talk about nursing him, since there's some hope that it won't always hurt like a mother!


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