Monday, March 19, 2012

Hello, Again

It's been a while.  I pretty much get an "F" in blogging.

A lot has been going on around here and blogging is the last thing on my list of to-dos.  Can you believe that in just a few weeks, we'll have another little baby boy?!!  It doesn't seem real.  And the fact that I've been through it before doesn't give me a whole lot of comfort when I think about the whole labor/delivery process...or breastfeeding...*cringe*

But I am excited to meet "Trouble". Just like with Rowan, we wonder what he'll look like and what his personality will be.  This time is a little different because we can't help but compare to the only thing we've got to judge by, which is the Ro-Bear, himself.  I wonder if they'll look like siblings?

We feel both ready and unprepared at the same time.

Work has been crazy for me.  I'm trying to get a couple projects completed, which is burning into my month of pre-delivery pregnancy leave.  DAMMIT!  But I couldn't in good conscience leave my projects half done on someone else's shoulders.  That said, the 13hr days and restless nights, worrying about my projects are killing me!  I'm so's why {well, part of the reason}, not much at home is getting done, and no blogging either :(

Unfortunately, we also have had a few computer issues {not sure if the dog knocking the computer off the couch and breaking the screen counts as a "computer issue" but it ruined one of our computers none the less}. Basically, we have 4 computers, all with different operating systems, saved information, programs, etc. Three of which barely hold a charge, one of those has a shattered screen, and the fourth is hooked up to the tv. This makes finding/posting photos and doing any kind of computer work super inconvenient. I'm ready for ONE decent computer, and sooo wishing we had a Cloud account.

BUT.....I do hope to share a couple house projects soon. 

We're working on a "built-in" bookshelf/bench at the living room window!  We're really happy with how it's going so far! 

Oh yes, and there's still the lawn.  We got some good momentum on it about a month ago, and then my birthday big 3-0.  {kind of a big deal, right?} Well, I wasn't really in the mood to do anything, including what we had planned, which was to go to the snow.  Just seemed like a hassle, especially with even the remotest posibility that our baby would come early and I'd be giving birth in some strange cabin in Strawberry.

So instead of going to the snow, Rogér brought the snow to me! And he did it all behind my back so that it was a HUGE surprise! Fake snow all over the front "yard"!!

Fun for us, not so great for lawn progress, but we're getting there.

Anyhow, I did manage to scrounge a few photos of the "snow" off my new iPod Touch. So here ya go!

 looks real!
 until you notice the orange tree and snow-free neighbor's lawn
People who drove by were a little dumbfounded ;)

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