Monday, June 4, 2012

My Favorite Thing About Being a Mommy...Right Now

Really, what's not to like about being a mommy right now?!  Between all the mind-boggling things Rowan is doing everyday and Cid reminding us how cute a little baby is, we are seriously drowning in happy times.

But if I had to choose one...or maybe two {per kid, of course ;p} things, here's what's making me feel the most warm and fuzzy inside:

Cid's big smile.

I think what I love most about this smile, besides that its super cute, is how hard he has to work to make it happen and even so, he hands 'em out freely. Once, I even got a real laugh out of him. His whole face lights up and he gives us the ol' Tyra smize.  It's to die for!

Rowan's wink.

The other day, Rowan looked at his dad, paused, and made a long blink with both eyes.  Then a HUGE grin took over his face.  This came totally unprompted and took us by complete surprise.  We blinked back a few times, and he did it again.  Now we're giving him winks and he'll do his darndest, but it's still just a long two eyed blink, which I have to say, I think is even cuter than a wink.

Baby farts.

Is that weird?  They're just give me a giggle, especially after the 6th week struggle, where gas caused Cid so much discomfort.  I love to know that he's passing gas and I LOVE it when he can pass gas without pain.

Leg holds and head hugs.

I guess because Rowan's realized that I can't pick him up all the time anymore, he'll run to me and instead of reaching up, he'll wrap his arms around my leg and squeeze.  And instead of climbing in my lap for a hug, he'll come over and lay his head on me.  Soooo cute!

Brotherly love.

Ok, I know it was supposed to be one...or two...per kid, but this one is a bonus...and they're my rules to break anyway.  With two baby boys, there's always a tinge of guilt on my mind that I'm not giving enough to one or the other.  Always a feeling that Rowan might think I don't care about him anymore or that Cid will feel lonely because he's not in my arms as often.  No matter how much I try, I can't do everything for both of them all the time.  It seems like a "duh", but it's really enough to drive my feelings of inadequacy through the roof!  So the absolute BEST, is to see them love each other.  That's when I know that I'm doing okay at this mom thing.  Alright, Cid can't show it so much, but seeing Rowan gently rub Cid's back or hold his hand will bring me to {happy} tears.


  1. Great post and such cute pictures! If I wasn't so cheap I'd think about investing in a nice camera to get great pics like these! :-)

    1. Jen, although a fancy cam does provide lots of great photos, you don't really need one. The last pic was taken with my iPod Touch!

  2. Oh so cute. Congratulations. It is so great to see Rowan be such a great big brother..

    1. Thanks Hena! I've been reading your travels and now I'm a follower!


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