Friday, July 6, 2012

Two Boys in One Room: The Novelty Wore Off

Big Boy Bed Days 4 and 5....

Day 4:

Very similar to Day 3, except that Rowan woke up about 8...yes, EIGHT! times in the middle of the night.  A couple of the times he was just crying in his bed.  All times, he easily went back to sleep.  We were in somewhat of a delirious stupor after a long day and waking up so much, so we muddled through it without remembering much.

{on a side note, Cid slept for 9 hrs straight again! if they could just both do that at the same time...}

Day 5:'s where it turned into more of what we thought we'd be in for.

Around 7:30pm we did the nighttime routine as usual with a bedtime story
5 minutes later, guess who was up.  Roger took him back to bed.
1 minute later, again

and again...

and again...

and again...
and again...
   Then the game started.  The one where he peeks out, runs squealing back towards his bed as Mom or Dad come down the hall, waits for us at the edge of the bed, and turns towards us grinning ear to ear.
This happened over...
and over...
and over...
and over..
   For about an hour and a half, and until his funny tricks were wearing us out. Each time we calmly and firmly put him back, but let's face it, the calmly part was diminishing with each subsequent round.

Meanwhile, Cid was demanding his share of attention, AND we were trying to get some things in order so that the next morning wasn't as crazy as this one was getting everyone out the door in time.

With an end to the game nowhere in sight we resorted to putting a childproof doorknob cover on Rowan's bedroom door to put a stop to it.  I was severely against having one of these on the door from the beginning, but with patience wearing thin, I couldn't come up with anything better.

When Rowan realized that he couldn't open his door, all Hell broke loose.  The screams and banging started.  We gave him 5 minutes and waited for a pause in the tantrum to go back in and remind him that it's bed time and he has to go to sleep in his bed, tucking him in, and closing the door behind us.

Not more than two minutes later, he was at it again.  We gave him another 5 mins. before walked him back to his bed again, tucked him in, said goodnight and closed the door.

Not another peep.

I did demand that we remove the childproof doorknob before we went to bed.  I feel like he should be able o get out if he has to.

At 2:15 am he started this again, but it only took a couple times before he went back to sleep.

Then at 6am he woke up.

I must've jinxed us when I said this was working out great...but we're gonna stick it out for a while.  I'm having a little guilt over pushing him too early.  I have a feeling, though, that we'd face this getting up problem no matter what age he takes to the toddler bed.


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