Saturday, July 14, 2012

Two Boys in One Room: A Weekend Away

With all the goings on, I've been bad about getting posts up on the topic of getting our toddler into a big bed, but here's a little catch up.

After my last post, we took a vacay weekend to visit Opa in Carmel.  After a fun day, Opa and Shelley watched the boys while Roger and I had a night out on the town {ahhh, so nice!}. 

We've traveled with Rowan before and always bring a Pack N Play for him to sleep in.  Everything was going great until about 2:30am, when he began to SCREAM at the top of his lungs, until we would get up and lay him back down.  Right as we crawled back in bed, there he went again.  This lasted until about 4:30 or 5:00 am.  UUUUUGH.  It was a long night.  Luckily, he only kept us up.

The next day was all about a bunch of fun in the pool :)

When we got home, we mentally prepared for another rough night in the toddler bed, but Rowan slept great all night!

Over the last few nights, there have been very few bedtime battles.  Soooo, I think that means we got this phase down.  Check.

Next up, getting Rowan in a BIG bed so we can convert the toddler bed back to a crib for Cid.

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