Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Two Boys in One Room: Toddler Bed Days 2 and 3

Happy 4th of July!

This day always reminds me of The Sandlot...hehe. I LOVE 4th of July picnics and I also love the fireworks.  But this year, we're mostly skipping that stuff.  We did go to a picnic last Saturday, for which I baked and apple pie {I never got to try it though, since we had to leave early 'cos Rowan's molars were bothering him} and today, we hit up Ikea to check out toddler beds, and we'll have a small picnic in the park.  No fireworks this year, because we can't leave Domino at home alone with the works going on and we never made any other arrangements.

How are you spending your Independence Day?

We didn't come back from Ikea with a bed because our car was too small to fit everything.  But I think we decided to go ahead and get the Kura. Some friends of ours use this, so I've had it in mind, and Rowan had a blast testing it out today. 
Rowan's first day/night in the converted crib went uh-MAZING!  It was pretty unbelievable, so we were...and still are...somewhat skeptical.

However, so far so good.  Except one weird the morning after his first night, Rowan DEMANDED a bottle.  Not a sippy cup, not a cup with a straw, a BOTTLE.  Before Cid was born, he hadn't had a bottle in a few months.  When he first saw Cid drinking from a bottle, he wanted one too, but we gave him a slow nipple.  It took him for-ever to get his milk and he never asked for one again...until now.  I gave it to him because I thought he might be searching for something familiar in the midst of this bed change-a-roo.

Day 2:

-Rowan spent the day at day care, so we didn't get any nap "test runs"
-Nighttime - We followed the usual bedtime routine, except that we re-introduced a bedtime story.  Never heard a peep until 7:15am!{woot woot!}

Seriously too good to be true.

Day 3:

-Again, naps at day care.
-Nighttime - Usual bedtime routine, but Rowan insisted on reading the bedtime story twice.
-About 5 minutes later, I hear his door open.  Went to check it out and Rowan was hurrying back to his bed....hehe.  I tucked him back in and closed the door.
 -Less than 2 minutes, and I hear his door again.  Again, he hurries back to bed.  I tuck him in and close the door.
-I just walked into the living room, peeked out to see the fantastic job Roger was doing mowing the lawn, and before I knew it, Rowan was in the living room rocking Cid in the bassinet.  I lead Rowan back to his bed, but he sat up and signed for milk so I told him I would get him some milk but he had to stay in his bed.  Took me a minute to find a sippy cup and when I turned around, Rowan was coming down the hall.  I got his milk and took him back to bed.  I told him when he was done with his milk he could put it in the corner of his crib and showed him where.  {keep in mind, I have NO idea how much of this Rowan understands.  He seems to get a lot of it though}.
-A couple minutes later, I hear his door open AGAIN {starting to wonder how long this will take...}. Rowan hands me his sippy cup and then heads back to bed, so I go to tuck him in, but he signs that he wants more {is he playing me?} so I told him I would get him more milk but he had to stay here in his bed.  I fully expected him to get up like last time, but he stayed in his bed until I got back with more milk. I gave him his milk, asked him to lay down.
-Cid had a really fussy night and even though he's still in our room, the noise woke Rowan up around 2:30am.  But Rowan went back to sleep fine.
- He woke up one more time last night and had to be brought back to bed.
- Then he finally woke up for good at 6:30am

Day 3 was definitely more what I expected this process to be like.  But it still went reasonable well and after today's practice in Ikea, I'm confident that Rowan will be happy to sleep in the real bed when we get it.

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