Tuesday, October 26, 2010

10 years since high school

Really?  I guess so because we just went to Rogér's 10 year high school reunion, which made me think about my own high school reunion....oh wait, what reunion?  Yeah, because I graduated from Mattole Triple Junction High School with a whopping 15 other classmates.  And, most of them are still hanging around Humboldt County and see each other all the time anyway.  I did have a dream that I was at my HS reunion.  Two of my classmates came and re-introduced themselves to me and asked if I remembered them.  What kind of dumb dream question is that?!  I only spent every day of my life for 9 or so years in the same classroom as you!

Actually, I spent 3 years of HS at Ferndale High School.  But I didn't graduate from there so I didn't get an official invitation to their reunion.  And I wasn't in town to crash it either.

So, after attending Rogér's 10 year, I'm still left wondering if I kind of missed out.

How many of you are going, or went to your 10 year high school reunion?   Any thoughts or regrets?


  1. Teresa and I went to her's a couple of years ago. It was awesome. They went to homecoming football game Friday night with drinks at a bar after. We flew in just in time to make it for drinks. Saturday night there was a nice dinner and presentation / video produced by Teresa's twin Krista (they were both class officers). I was officially made a Valley Viking, or at least that is how I remember it. Are you on flickr? We should be flickr friends and I will send you the photos set link.

    Mine came around the next year and initially I was excited about it because I had so much fun at Teresa's. As the the reunion got closer, I ended up not wanting to go. They ended up canceling it anyways because of lack of interest. I do not know why I lost interest. I have not kept in touch with any one from my high school class. I keep in touch with one or two guys from high school and they graduated in a different year.

  2. Wow! Teresa's reunion sounds like it was great! Rogér's was a little more low-key, but still fun. I have a Flickr account for my crafting blog. I think I just added you as a Flickr friend, so get busy putting those pics up!


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