Monday, October 25, 2010

Ro's Ink


We've had Ronin for about 2 years now (dang!), and a few days after we got him, we realized he had a tattoo on his upper lip.  He's a thoroughbred and supposedly off the track, so the tattoo is his identification.  We never got his paperwork though because how he got to where he was was somewhat of a mystery and the guy who gave him to us didn't have the papers.  Anyway, when I first looked into finding out Ronin's past through the Jockey Club, I thought you had to pay $35.  Now that we had to pay close to $400/mo for horse boarding, we weren't in any position to throw down $35 to find out his name.  Recently though, I checked the Jockey Club website again and it turns out that tattoo research is free! yes, FREE!  I found out on Thurs. and not only could I not remember Ronin's tattoo, but also, we were going out of town so I couldn't go look at it!  How aggravating!  Now, today, I went and looked at his lip, but here's the's kinda hard to read.  I think it says "H21056".  I tried to take a's how that turned out:
yeah, not so great.
So I tried to enter H21056 into the Jockey Club website and it came up with a horse named Surf N Saddle who was born April 23, 2004 in California.  Promising.  But when I did a little more research, Surf N Saddle has more white spots than Ronin has.  None of the other letter/number combos come up with anything that really resembles our horse.  Like I said, crappy.

Now what?

Ronin it is. (Better than Surf N Saddle anyway, right?)

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  1. Ronin is definitely better.

    We have been guessing about Shiloh's history based on his current behavior. Doesn't like buses, maybe he almost got hit; likes garbage cans, he was a stray and could have been a food source, etc. Mostly for fun and conversation while on walks.

    One day, we received a four page letter from a lady who took care of Shiloh while he was in between homes. She had found us through the rescue shelter we adopted Shiloh from. It was neat to know about some of his history.

    As far as what to do next, I am not sure. The numbers are tough to see, but the free tattoo research is a good start!


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