Monday, October 4, 2010

Guess who's ba-ack!

The Big D! (Domino).  Ronin's feet are fixed too, thanks to our very kind and patient ferrier, Nick.  And that makes us almost back to normal. 

We can feel winter coming on fact, this Wedsnesday is supposed to sport thunderstorms.  I do love the onset of winter, with one exception,  we have a horse.  All the empty stalls are making me ponder the possibility of putting Ronin back in a stall (he's in pasture now).  This is a purely selfish debate, but seriously, who wants to go muck through a foot of mud to grab your wet, dirty horse and then spend an hour cleaning and drying him before a ride?  Two downsides to moving him back into a stall - 1.  Cost - we're not exactly swimming in our savings like Uncle Scrooge. 2. Excercise/anxiety - Ronin LOVES the pasture.  A little too much.  He's at the top of the herd, which makes me wonder if he'll try something crazy stupid if he's separated.  And with Baby Balyon on the way, are Rogér and I going to be able to get up there to work out his crazies all the time??  Do you remember last winter?

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