Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Salinas Airshow and a Bonus Garage Sale

So earlier, we semi-promised that we'd be spending some time in Salinas (everyone's favorite California destination, right?).  The weekend finally came for the much anticipated Salinas Airshow!  But since we are on a budget and have some sweeeeeeeeeet connections, we got to see the show for FREE....from our friends' back yard.  Yup, that's just how we roll.

Well, honestly, we couldn't see that much.  We looked through the binocs every now and then when we thought something cool might be happening.  Save for the Thunderbirds, who did put on a fantastic show at the end of the afternoon.  The stuff they do is seriously amazing!  And they flew right over our heads quite a few times.  They were definitely worth the wait. 

But the best part was spending all day with Mr. & Mrs. G (two generations of them actually, but I'm especially referring to our friends Craig and Lisa).  In the morning, we hit up the neighborhood garage sales and scored an "antique" manual push lawn mower for $15, a baby jumper-thingy for $10, a baby ski bib for $1 (I'm talking the real deal ski pants, yeah, Baby Balyon is probably going to be on skis before he can walk), and a jogging stroller for $35!  That's some serious loot!  Then Lisa whipped up a phenomenal lunch/dinner, while I stuffed my face with most of their Reese's Pieces stash, and we watched the Giants lose to the Padres.  At least they kicked some SoCal butt in the final game.

I'd put pics up of the Thunderbirds, but we didn't take any cuz were lazy or forgot or something.  Our pics wouldn't really compare to Lisa's anyway.  Maybe she'll send some to me so we can share, or post them on her blog, Photos by Lisa G.

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