Saturday, July 16, 2011

Driveway Love {Our New Stamped Concrete Driveway}

Our narrow asphalt driveway {and the HUGE juniper covering three feet of it} became extremely inconvenient when Baby came along.  There was barely enough room to park both our cars anyway, but we got by, cautiously opening the car door and inching our way out, using our best contortionist skills so as not to damage each others vehicles.  Add a baby, infant car seat, and a stroller to the mix and you don't have a pretty picture.  I ended up parking half my car on the grass {and by "grass" I mean assortment of dried weeds}in order to give us some room to move around.

Our house was in desperate need of a new driveway.  We considered pavers....until we got a quote that shot our aspirations to Hell!  Pavers require some serious dollar bills.  So, we "chose" concrete instead.  And to give it a little pizazz, we went with a stamped border and pathways.

We knew we wanted it widened about three feet on both sides, and we knew we wanted the path to the back yard gate widened enough to roll out the garbage and recycle bins {I know, a lot to ask, right?}, and that's about it.  As far as aesthetics of a driveway go, we were pretty clueless, but with the help our our neighbor {WWBD}, and the expertise of the man who did our driveway, we ended up with something we absolutely LOVE!

Preparing the ground

Form setting and rebar

Good thing Rowan supervised the cement pour
Goofing around
Oops, don't forget the baby feet!
And our name.
It was amazing to watch these guys do their work!  We had to water the drying cement twice a day and stay off of it for two weeks.  And we just got the stamped portion sealed today, to make it look pretty {and protect it}.

WooHoo!  We find ourselves checking it out multiple times a day.  I'd say it's a very satisfying improvement.  an't wait to use it!


  1. Looks great, and I love the dea of putting bubba feet prints in your new driveway
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  2. It’s a pity we forgot to stamp ours! People might notice first how nice your driveway looks or how it improves the overall appearance, but they would still find it cuter when they noticed the engraved marks. You should always keep your driveway clean though, so the dirt wouldn’t fill in the holes and the stamps would remain visible. :D -->Sasha

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  5. Wow, thank you for all your comments! I haven't been back to this blog in about a year, but hope to start up again. Sasha, thanks for the insight :) We are still super happy with this driveway. Just sealed it up again and had the same guys redo our back patio, this time with two little boy handprints ;)

  6. We considered pavers....until we got a quote that shot our aspirations to Hell! Pavers require some serious dollar


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