Sunday, August 29, 2010

Discovering Ed Levin Park

This year has been a little hectic, so I wasn't really able to plan a huge blowout birthday for Roger.  We settled on a BBQ at Ed Levin County Park, in Milpitas, CA.  We'd never made use of the park, even though it's right by the ranch where we keep our horse!

The place is actually really great!  There's plenty of picnic/bbq areas to go around (so really, no need for a reservation), playgrounds, a lake (which is stocked with fish at certain times of the year), and there's even an off-leash dog park.  We set up near the Sandy Wool Lake Group Area.  Lucky for us, there was a big Renaissance Faire deal going right by our site ;)

Apparently, you can also hang glide, if you're into that sort of thing, and you can ride your horse through the trails.  No, I haven't taken our horse out there yet...because I'm chicken...but hopefully one day *sigh*.

All in all, a fun place to spend a nice day.  Ooooh!  AND, while searching for web images of Ed Levin Park, I found this website: Bay Area Back Pages. Looks handy.

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